Who & Why Bald John T.?

John at a conference

John T. became a “Rotarian” when a Rotary Youth Leadership Award Delegate asked, “Will you teach me how to tie a tie?”  And again several years later after ten trips to south India for Polio Immunization and Polio Hospital visits.   Anand with arms and legs about the size of one’s index and forefinger would greet us with his penetrating eyes, arms outstretched to be touched, smiling and saying, “I knew you would Uncle John, thank you for returning to our Polio Hospital.”

“We take ourselves too seriously,” says John T.   “Participating and sharing the humanitarian programs and projects of our clubs provide us some humor in order not to weep.  I am not a great Rotarian; I just toil daily in the cornfields of life to bring thoughtfulness, a few laughs and sometimes tears of joy by serving others.”

John T. was proposed for Rotary by his father in 1968.  In 1981 he  become Charter President of the Rotary Club of Morehead City-Noon and during 1985-86 served as District 7730 Governor in eastern North Carolina following in his father’s and uncle’s footsteps.   He has participated in thirty-five Rotary International Conventions, featured on the cover of The Rotarian, May, 2011, served as Chief Sergeant-At-Arms for the 2005 Centennial and 2011 New Orleans Conventions.   He has attended five sessions of the Council on Legislation.  During 2013-15 serves as Membership Chairman for “Win One, Keep One Campaign.”

He is married to Jane, a Honorary Rotary member, Past Chair of The Salvation Army Advisory Board, recipient of the William P.  Booth  Award.  They are Major Donors and Benefactors of The Rotary Foundation. 

He is the Author of “How To Survive Your Year As A Leader”!   He is the Founder of Bald Headed Men of America and when he grows up,  John T. says, “I want to make headway in life and You Can Too!