Huffington Post features John T Capps, Founder, Bald Headed Men of America

Bald-Headed Men of America
Morehead City, North Carolina, USA
Thursday, May 12, 2016

     Bald-Headed Men of America has been seen on National and International Network Television:  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, Nova & BBC  plus many radio talk shows, magazines and newspapers worldwide and now Huffington Post!  (Making headway!)  

     Bald-Headed Men of America was founded in 1972 as a self-help volunteer organization providing positive support for those making headway.   John T's hair had been waving good bye as a college student, now a graduate seeking employment with the fringe benefits remaining.  Having been recommended from local and area interviews he was off to Atlanta for regional approval by a national financial organization.  After a couple of days of interaction, dinners and test he was respectfully informed his balding head just did not fit their corporate image for a youthful appearance.  Returning home, he decided that if this happen to him, others may have experienced the same, thus the Bald-Headed Men of America began to grow because of lack of growth with his dad and uncle as the first members.

     Bald-Headed Men of America is a unique organization dedicated to the belief that Bald-Headed Men have that Chrome-Dome, Bald-Spot or a hair cut with a hole-in-it, providing them with individual character.

     Bald-Headed Men of America strives to cultivate a sense of pride for all Bald-Headed Men and to eliminate the vanity associated with the loss of one's hair.

     Bald-Headed Men of America believes that the Lord is just, the Lord is fair, He gave some brains and the others hair!  We are proud of every hair we do not have!

     AM America - ABC TV..."John, thanks for that quick, slick interview."  Stephanie Edwards.  "Good luck to the Bald-Headed Men of America." Bill Beutel.  "John, you're tops in our book.  Many thanks from the staff for 'baring' the facts about Baldies and for shining up our image." J. Lytle, producer.  January 17, 1975

     To Tell The Truth - TV Show..."Will the real John T. Capps reveal his bald head."  Gerry Moore, November 19, 1974

     Time Magazine - "Bald Is Beautiful" ... "If you don't have it, flaunt it!"  January 13, 1975

     The National Observer - "Toupee or Not Toupee, That's Not the ?"  Douglas Looney, October 19, 1974

     National Star - "Bald is Beautiful ... this club aims to get ahead!" Don Causey, November 9, 1974

     The Dunn Dispatch - "The founder of Bald-Headed Men of America, John T. Capps, for President, he will not cover-up anything."  Tom Weaver, January 8, 1975

     British Broadcasting Company - BBC - London, UK  "Tell the British what the Bald-Heads in America are doing."  John Blyth

    Know someone who is Bald?  Receive a FREE personalized membership card and reprinted Bald newspaper articles by sending a first class stamped, self-addressed business envelope to John T. Capps, Founder; Bald-Headed Men of America, 4102 Plantation Road, Morehead City, NC, 28557-6285, USA.