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  • That one event where I said something ... that touched someone.

    John and a Rotary friend

    "Having you by my side means more to me than I can express in words.  The emails I have received have warmed my heart and affirmed to me how impactful your presence was on the conference attendees."    Norma Berry, Governor, District 6670, Ohio

    "John T. you are truly an inspiration to all you come in contact with.  Rotary needs you.  I will be happy to see you at (Florida) PETS."   Betsy Owen, Rotary Public Image Coordinator, 2014-17, Zone 34, USA

    "Thanks for remembering our 15 years in practice.  You were one of the first 'people' I met here in Carteret County.  I will never forrget your assistance during those years."   Dr. Patrick McLaughlin, Morehead City, NC

    "Thank you both, you were wonderful.   Thank you for being part of a very special weekend.  You helped to make it memorable."  Nancy and Mike Garver, Governor, District 5160, California

    "Thank you for having confidence in a poor old country boy and 'Making His Dreams Real."  Lee Dixon, Governor, District 7730, North Carolina

    "...an Evening with Special Guest, John T. Capps in Citrus County, Florida, November 3, 2014 who enthralled a packed room at the Citrus Hills Golf and County Club wtih Michael Angelo Caruso.  John T. who is bald with a Rotary logo on his head kept us laughing as he welcomed 20 new members into his Bald-Headed Men of America organization.  Rotarian Capps loves Rotary and is a popular and welcome speaker everywhere.    Rotary Governor Ted  indicated that the number of attendees approached 200 Rotarians and their guests."  Rotary District 6950 Newsletter, December 2014. 

    "She (Nicole Smyrock) was particularly captivated by Rotary International Past Governor, speaker and septuagenarian John T. Capps' constant enthusisam, he can out last any teenager at (RYLA) camp."    Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle, District 6980, Mount Dora, Florida, February 28, 2014, Triangle News Leader.

    What was your most memorable experience in Rotary?  "One day in 1966 my Daddy came home and put a globe on the kitchen table.  He told me he was going to give me a great opportunity by sending me on a youth exchange.  We spun the globe and wherever it was stopped thats where I would go.  It landed on Spain.  Arriving in Spain was not a welcoming experience.  They told me to 'Go home Yankee'.  They threw garbage at me.  Franco was dead, but the anti-American feelings were not.  I  had to take it upon myself to transform myself in their eyes from an ugly American into a humanitarian equal."  How did you do that?  "By understanding and building relationships.  Instead of being a American youth exchange student, I became a Spanish family member.  When I left they had a parade for me.  That was the beginning that laid the groundwork for what I have experienced for the past 48 years as a Rotarian."  from: http://facesofrotary.files.wordpress.com

    "It's been 20 years ago when we first met!  It never seems to amaze me -  the energy and effort you put into bettering other people's life!  You are indeed very very special."   Rajani Ramakrishnam, Mumbai, India; Rotary Foundation Alumni, Group Study Exchange , 2/28/15.

    "As a fellow Rotarian, John T. is someone that all Rotarians should look up to.  When I first heard John speak at RI, I never thought I would have the pleasure of calling him a friend.  He made such a positive impact on my life as a Rotarian.  He sets the standards for Rotary very high and I am very grateful to know him!"   Mary Brown, Menifee, CA. 3/1/15